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Chandragiri Tour

Chandragiri Hills is one of the finest touristic destination of Kathamandu it is quite closer from the main city approximately 16 kilometer far from airport and approx 14 kilometer from touristic hub of Thamel, it is lies on the south-west of kathamandu valley which is 2551 meters height from the sea level. Also it is one of the religious site for Hindu and Buddhist,it provides panoramic and majestic view of Kathamandu valley and some awesome Himalayan ranges, This hills connected with our great historical king Prithiv Narayan Shah at the time of unification campaign in  Nepal, hills has Bhaleshwar Mahadev Temple of Lord Shiva. This Bhaleshwar Mahadev appeared at the spot where Satidevi’s “Bhala” or the forehead fell of from her dead body. It is belived that Satidevi, Shiva’s consort, gave up her life jumping in a fire pyre at her father Daksha Prajapati’s Yagna ( Sacred fire ritual at Daksha Prajapati House) Daksha Prajapati invited his all relatives on that ritual ceremony  except Satidevi and her husband, after that Shiva took out dead body of Satidevi from the fire and carried her on his back and walked across the world,and Satidevi’s body was decaying in different places due to this different Shakti-centres were established by her body. Nowadays this hills is religious as well as becoming one of the attractive destination for all age people , also we can have romantic experience of Cable care going this place,Our travel is organizing dally tour on this hills.



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