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Namo Buddha – Tour

Namo Buddha is located at Kavreplanchock  district of Nepal and province no.3 .It is approximately 40 kilometer far from the capital city of Nepal ,and lies  at the top of the hill in Shyampati VDC, It is one of the religious and most beautiful place for international tourism and domestic tourism if you get weather clear while you are there at the same time you will see very nice himalayan range and amazing landscape of the hills .The main festival we celebrate here are Buddha Jayanti and Kartik Purnima.

What is the Historical facts ? 

According to old legend 600 years ago prince “Mahasatwo” visited top of the hill looking the jungle with his two elder brothers and  discover a female Tiger lying near the rock with her five babies.The female Tiger was very weak and still sucking milk from weak mother because those babies depend upon mother and milk of her, at the same time prince Mahasatwo decides to give his life to the tigress in bust of  love and compassion so prince Mahasatwo cuts his body to present his warm blood in the mouth of mother tiger and her babies. Until here Mahasatwo’s two brother they did not know about their younger brother Mahasatwo but finally prince give his whole life to those hunger tigress and save their life and he died. Later Mahasatwo’s brother tried to search their youngest brother but the could not only they found the bones of prince and they collected those bones and take back to village and buried in the large vault ,that is actual place where  Namo Buddha Stupa lies now.

Finally, we can say that Namo Buddha is very beautiful place. The place is very quite, pure, clean with no pollution also you will get natural air from huge jungle it is definitely fresh,cool and healthy .Place is also for meditation and practice of its . Also you can have sun rise and sun set view from the top of the hill so this Namo Buddha is very important,natural  and  religious place for Buddhist and non-buddhist too, we are operating every day tour on this site.

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