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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to enter Nepal?

You can make a direct flight from your home country to Nepal. Tribhuwan international airport in Kathmandu is the only international airport of Nepal. The national airline is a Nepal airline and other international airlines directly connect Kathmandu with major cities around the world. Alternatively, you can travel to Nepal through India.


What are the entry points of Nepal?

  • Tribhuwan international airport, Kathmandu
  • Pani Tanki/Kakarbhitta
  • Raxual/Birganj
  • Sunauli/Belahiya
  • Rupaidiya/Nepalgunj
  • Dhangadi/Mohana
  • Banbasa/Mahendranagar
  • Gaddachauki
  • Khasa, Liping/Tatopani on the Tibet, China-Nepal border respectively.


What are the air accesses to Nepal?

  • Air Arabia
  • Air China
  • Bhiman Bangaladesh Airline
  • Buddha Air ( Bodgaya India )
  • China Eastern Airline (Kunming)
  • China Southern Airlines (Guangzhou)
  • Dragon Air (Hong Kong)
  • Druk Air ( Delhi,Paro)
  • Etihad Airways ( Abudhabi)
  • Fly Dubai (Dubai)
  • Indian Airlines ( Delhi, Kolkotta, Varanasi)
  • Indigo Airlines ( Delhi)
  • Jet Airways (Delhi, Mumbai)
  • Korean Airlines (Seoul)
  • Nepal Airlines (Dehli, Kualalampur, Dubai, Bangkok, Doha, Aubudhabi  and Hong Kong vice -versa)
  • Oman Air ( Muscat)
  • Pakistan International Airlines (Karachi, Islamabad)
  • Qatar Airways (Doha)
  • Silk Airways (Singapure )
  • Thai Airways (Bankong )


Is there any airport tax in Nepal?

Yes. It is already included in your ticket but on domestic routes separate airport tax Rs. 200 is charged before boarding.


Do I need a visa to travel to Nepal?

All foreigner nationals, except Indian citizens, need visa to travel to Nepal.


Do I need a visa to enter Nepal?

All foreign nationals, except Indians, need visas to enter Nepal. Multiple entry visas for 15 days (US$ 25 or equivalent convertible currency), 30 days (US$ 40) or 90 days (US$ 100) can be obtained from any Nepalese embassy or consulate. You can also get a visa on arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu or at the Immigration Office at the entry points of Nepal.

Tourist visas can be extended for a period of 120 days at the Immigration Department in Kathmandu or Pokhara.

However, nationals of the following countries will not get visa on arrival at the immigration entry points of Nepal: Afghanistan, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Liberia, Nigeria, Palestine, Somalia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. They need to obtain visas from Nepalese embassies or diplomatic missions in their respective countries prior to their arrival in Nepal.

Gratis (Free) Visa for 30 days is available only for nationals of South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for the first visit in one visa year (January to December). However, a visa fee is required for its extension beyond the 30 days.

Indian nationals do not require a visa to enter Nepal.


What documents must Indian nationals present at the entry point?

As per the Nepalese Immigration, Indian Nationals Traveling to Nepal must possess any One of the following documents-

  1. Passport
  2. Driving License with photo
  3. Photo Identity card issued by a Government Agency
  4. Ration Card with Photo
  5. Election Commission Card with Photo
  6. Identity Card issued by Embassy of India in Kathmandu
  7. Identity Card with Photo issued by Sub- Divisional Magistrate or any other officials above his rank.However, please check with your nearest travel agents for documents required by the Indian Immigration for Indians traveling to Nepal. 

    What currencies are needed to get a visa?

    A valid passport and one passport size photo with a light background. Immigration Department has not specified the size of the passport-size photo.  Visa can be obtained only through payment of cash in the following currency: Euro, Swiss Franc, Pound Sterling, US dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Hong-kong dollar, Singapore dollar and Japanese Yen. Credit Card, Indian currency or Nepalese currency are not accepted for payment of Visa fee.


    What is the currency of Nepal?

    The Nepalese currency is the rupee and is divided into 100 paisa. Bank notes come in denominations of Rs. 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000. Coins are of 1, 2 and 5 rupee denomination. It is recommended that your travel with smaller notes in less populated areas, while large notes are easily accepted elsewhere Nepal.


    Do they have ATM facilities in Nepal?

    Yes. There are ATM in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other big cities in Nepal that accept American express, Visa and Master card. Major hotels, restaurants and curio shops accept American express, visa and MasterCard. You can contact the banks for credit card services.


    Is the international driving license accepted in Nepal?



    What health precautions need to be taken?

    Use only bottled mineral water or boiled and filtered water only. Always wash your hands before eating. Do not eat unpeeled fruits or vegetables unless they have been thoroughly washed.


    When is the best time to travel in Nepal?

    Because of its elevation, Nepal can be divided into three zones – the high mountains, the mid-hills and the flat plains called the Terai. The Everest, Langtang and Annpurna trekking destinations in the mountains are cool throughout the year. The mid-hills, including Kathmandu and Pokhara, are cool except in the summer months from May to July. Temperatures in these cities during the summer remain much cooler than in many cities of the region. Lumbini, Chitwan and Janakpur in the Terai plains are hot in summer (March –July) but cold in winter (December-February).

    So if you are going trekking, the best months for walking are between September and November and between February and May when the weather is fair during the day and the temperatures do not drop rapidly during the night.


    If I need to see a doctor, where can I do so?

    There are well-equipped general and specialized hospitals, nursing homes and private clinics manned by very competitive doctors in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other cities if you fall sick. we will provide good advice on the matter.


    Is travel insurance necessary to go trekking in Nepal?

    Helicopter services are available should you fall sick or meet with an accident while trekking. However, such rescue services are expensive. So, comprehensive travel insurance is advised to cover emergencies like helicopter rescue and medical treatment.


    What is the country code of Nepal?

    The country code for Nepal is 977 and the area code for Kathmandu is 01, for Pokhara 061, Chitwan 056 and Lumbini 071. ( For example 977 1 4255789 first three digits are the country code second is the area code the last digits are telephone number.)


    What is the time difference in Nepal?

    Nepali time is GMT plus 5 hours 45 minutes.

    How are communication facilities in Nepal?

    Mobile coverage is wide in Nepal, even in the rural areas. Internet facilities are available in hotels and cyber cafes in all major cities. Apart from the urban centers, popular trekking destinations – the Annapurna and Everest region – also have modern communications facilities.

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