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Kathmandu Tour

Kathamandu valley is known as Nepal Valley lies at the crossroads of ancient civilizations of the Indian sub-continent also having boarder with Asian continent Valley may have been inhabited as early as 300 BC history of the valley goes back to the Gopal  and Mahishpal Dynasty around 3,000 BC.But documented history only found of Kiraties around the 7th Century BC , foundation of Kathmandu it self dates from the 12th century during the time of Malla Dynasty. The oldest inscription found in Maligaon eastern part of kathmandu the sculpture was pre-licchavi monarch Named Jaya Varman.it is the oldest known inscription from the kathamandu valley .The inscriptionon this sculpture, clearly dated to Samvet 107,AD 185 provides the missing evidence .The valley was  Lake before cutting the Chobar Gorge by  Buddhist saint Manjushree , Manjushree cut the Chober goare and sent all water by this Chobar ,as a result  the valley that was created as fertile and people started cultivating and building their houses.The history of Kathmandu is really a history of Newars the main inhabitants of Kathmandu Valley, The original settlement of yambu and yangla at the confluence of the Begmati and Vishnumati rivers in southern part of kathamandu which is very old town and connected with trade rote of Tibet , Kasthamandap is the old name of Kathamandu and it is belongs to traders and pilgrims were stayed in there during the time of Tibet trade so that,the kathamandu city name emerged  from kasthamandap which is now in Hanuman- Dhoka Durbar Square. geography of Kathamandu valley is bowl-shaped and 1350 meters  above the sea level and it is covered by four major mountains namely Shivapuri 2832 meters , Phulchocki 2795 meters , Nagarjun 2832 meters and Chandragiri 2551 meters heights,the main river flowing through the kathamandu valley is  the Bagmati.   The vally is made up of the Kathamandu District , Lalitpure District and Bhaktapure District , this valley is a cultural and political hub of Nepal and it is listed in world heritiage site by UNESCO  in the year 1979.

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Kathamandu is one of the most popular touristic destination for world’s people, throughout the year we have many tourist visit Kathamandu , it is actually historical and oldest center of Nepal this valley is surrounded by hills and jungle and it is also the capital city of Nepal. This has uncountable temples and stupas remains an open architectural museum.Some temples we can see still 14t/15th century’s it is very own living goddess related with Kumari, We have three durbar  squares lies in kathamandu they  are Kathamandu/Patan and Bhakatapur  those are the gateway to a maze of medieval streets that burst even more vividly to life during spectacular festivals. So while you are planning to kathamandu you most visit those historical site. to get itinerary and more details please go through on itinerary section. We are operating tours around Kathmandu valleys as below listed places:

World Heritage Sites ( Listed on 1979)

  • Kathamandu Durbar Square.
  • Patan Durbar Square.
  • Swayambhunath Stupa/Monkey Temple.
  • Buddhanath Stupa.
  • Pashupatinath Temple.
  • Changu Narayan Temple.

Others sites 

  • Chobhar
  • Dhulikheal
  • Budhanilkhantha
  • Khokana
  • Bungamati
  • Dhkshinkali
  • Godawari/Phulchoki
  • Pharping
  • Shivapuri National Park
  • Krtipur
  • Sundhara Dharara ( Destroyed on April 25th 2015 Earthquake )

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Day 1

Flight from Mumbai –Kathamandu by Nepal airlines, at the same time our representative will greet you at Tribhuvan International Airport and transfer to hotel and free for your own activities.

Day 2

Full day sightseeing around Katmandu valley in any four place i.e.Kathamandu Durbar Square /Pashupatinath/Buddha Stupa/Monkey Temple.

Day 3

Early in the Morning mountain flight back to hotel have breakfast and rest sightseeing to Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapure Durbar square etc.

Day 4

Journey towards next detestation.

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We make your tour cost between mutual understanding and cost will be very reasonable at par.The package will as per the interests of your enjoyment or you can even customize your own trip that we can arrange for your desire. For all cost details and other inquires please kindly send us on mountaintoptravels2015@gmail.com   or info@mountaintoptravels.com where you will get response as soon possible.

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