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Lumbini Tour

Lumbini is one of the great religious site of Nepal , and it is very popular around the world in terms of peace it is located at Rupandehi district in western part of Nepal . It is about 300 kilometer far from capital city of Kathamandu and 20 kilometer from Gautam Buddha International Airport , from Sunauli border just 27 kilometer , this place is connected with air and road access , airlines operate daily flights, it takes to get there by road approximately eight our drive or 35 minutes on air form Kathamandu , Lumbini is named by after the birth of Siddhartaha Gautam  “Buddha” it is also in Terai region Kapilavastu, Rupandehi,and Nawalparasi these three district are directly connected with life of the Buddha and the Sakaya civilization . Lumbini and Devadaha are situated in Rupandehi, Kapilavastu was the capital  of Sakya kingdom where prince Siddhartha spent his first 29 years , and Ramagrama a sacred place and unopened stupa of the Buddha which is in Nawalparasi district.

Lumbini is listed in world heritage site in 1997, due to birth place of lord Buddha , this is one of the holiest site of Buddhist and non Buddhist .Buddha was born on the day of full moon of Vaisakha 623BC by Maya Devi and Suddhoan king of Kapilavstu.  Maya devi arrive on that day in Lumbini her maternal home in Devadaha, at the same time she enjoyed the beauty of garden , but she could not able to go her maternal house she felt uneasy and it was time of delivery  had come, she bathed in the Sakya Puskarini located at almost  at the center of Garden seeking some support of tree and she got beautiful tree Ashoka and finally she gaive a birth of Buddha. Today you can visit over 25 international Buddhist monasteries, or study of  Buddhism, do meditation and visit Buddha’s birthplace itself within the sacred Mayadevi Garden which is beautifully decorated. with many historians and archaeologists referring to it as the place of birth of Lord Buddha. Inscriptions on the Ashoka Pillar also refers the spot as his birthplace. It is said that here the newly born Prince took his first seven steps and gave a peace message to humanity. In Lumbini now you will get  beautiful monasteries built by different Buddhist countries like China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Germany and observe the different architecture too.

Day 1

Pickup from arrival point and check in to hotel and accommodate there and same day we can take to you Mayadevi Temple with our guide who will explain briefly about Lumbini back to hotel and overnight there.

Day 2

Visit some monasteries around Lumbini and back to hotel and free for your own activities or same day start journey for next destination.

We make your tour cost between mutual understanding and cost will be very reasonable at par.The package will as per the interests of your enjoyment or you can even customize your own trip that we can arrange for your desire. For all cost details and other inquires please kindly send us on mountaintoptravels2015@gmail.com   or info@mountaintoptravels.com where you will get response as soon possible.

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