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Message From Director


Dear Clients

Namaste and very warm welcome to Nepal


It gives us a great pleasure to disseminate imperative message to our valued clients and we friendly welcome you to beautiful Nepal on behalf of Mountain Top Travels and Tours, Pvt. Ltd. At the onset, we would like to introduce as a trustworthy company for reliable and eco-friendly travel and tours, and outdoor activities of overall tour programs. This company is well equipped with modern gadget, transport system and trained staff to cater all kinds of tourists having different tastes and temperaments.

Due to prosperous in natural resources like flora and fauna, diversity of cultural assets like customs and rituals, fair and festival dance and music, language, settlement and cuisine, Nepal deserves an inspirational destination in all aspects. Tourists who made an ultimate destination in Nepal have an opportunity to view beautiful physical cultural heritages. They would get lovely, gentle and hospitable people who will always wish to make the visitors feel cordial and warm welcome.

As a prominent and professional in any type of tourism activities, we plan and operate all sorts of travel and tour packages in Nepal as well as foreign countries. We offer over 80 packaged tour programs of different natures providing an ample itinerary with maximum possible flexibility. The package will as per the interests of your enjoyment or you can even customize your own trip that we can arrange for your desire.

We are absolutely familiar with the destinations and activities we offer. Our main focus is meeting the needs and ensuring the safety of all the visitors. We believe in sustainable and eco-friendly tourism and motivate other to do the same, because we hold a philosophy that tourism must be for us at present and definitely, it will continue in the future too.  So our mission is to make your dreams and expectations entirely precise in our home land and others too.

I look forward to welcome you all in Nepal.

With warm regards

Raju  Khatiwada

Managing Director

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