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Airlines come and go and schedules change, so it is best to make reservations through tour and travel agency or hotels. Foreign visitors must pay for airfares in hard currency, typically US dollars. Residents and Nepali citizens pay approximately 35% of the tourist price. There is a 10% to 15% penalty for cancellations before departure. If you fail to show up for the flight, you generally forfeit the ticket.

All travelers are charged an insurance surcharge of US$2 per leg, as well as a fuel surcharge of US$3 to US$24. Fares quoted in this book include all these surcharges. Tickets are not exchangeable between airlines. However, airlines have been known to swap passengers at the last minute. Always reconfirm our flight the day before you fly. If you drop off the reservation list, it could be days before you get back on. Note that domestic airlines have a 15 kg allowance for hold baggage, on some flights, you cannot even pay to carry excess baggage.

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